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  • After a week, i finally got the update too and also a newer build. yay.
  • the funny thing is that they announced the updated build and we still cannot receive the update after 4 days and counting... 
  • On the main screen, click on view features. click the gear under antivirus and change the setting in drives and devices tab.
  • @/index.php?/profile/210299-khldk/&do=hovercard&" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/210299-khldk/" rel="" style="color:inherit;" title="Go to khldk's…
  • Try to remove it, including the bitdefender agent, and parental control then restart the computer. Go to bitdefender central, login with your account and download the installer from there. you will get a new build. This installer will content you information, so after you install it, you do not have to login to activate…
  • 29 minutes ago, Micr0ft said: Yes! I forgot to mention that part about Autopilot turning it's self on again. I never use it as I like to stay in control of my own PC, so I turn it off. It starts again automatically. Same with a few other settings like setting Paranoid Mode. This resets and turns it's self off too. Also,…
  • It seems like Bitdefender has update their to product to a new build to fix some problems. Previous build was and now is Let's wait and see if the problems are fixed
  • The same thing happened to me on Bitdefender Internet Security 2018. The only solution right now is restart the computer in order to use internet. Also, auto pilot switch is automatically switch on every time i restart the computer/one on the while even thought i've switched off before. i am going back to 2017 version for…
  • Please try to logout from Bitdefender Central and the login again. I contacted with the support team. It works for me now. Thanks Georgia.
  • Build has FIXED the Shutdown and BSOD Problem
  • This is not happening. Can't believe it. I tried to get back to 2015 by downloading the W10 compatible SW from the links provided in the forum (IN THE BD 2015 Forum). The downloaded file is 2016....... Done with it forewer. You guys managed to ruin the best AV. Congratulations! Did you download from here?…
  • i did a upgrade to bitdefender 2016, followed the steps to transform my license into bitdefender 2016 and no way that i can find my license. The bitdefender central says i dont have any activate subscription. And when i tried to transform the license again, it says that i already used the license to generate the…
  • Upgraded it into bitdefender 19 and it work fine or me now.
  • If any of you have the problem with bitdefender firewall on winows 10. Go to bitdefender firewall settting and disable "block internet connection sharing" for the mean time. Hope bitdefender will release a new update to fix this problem soon.
  • The same thing happened to me when i try to install nero and microsoft office. I have been waiting for a while for the fix but nothing at all. I have to remove bitdefender to install the application. Look like bitdefender have problem with applications that have bootstrapper.
  • I also got some pop up advertise to upgrade/renew the product. It is annoying for people who already own the software with many days remaining. Please do something. Thanks in advanced.
  • Nope, this one not just the problem that i have had. i already reinstall bitdefender windows 8 security for my system. The only thing that i wondering is that a big antivirus company like bitdefender just can only design a worst set of icons like this, these icons even look horrible compare to the icon that they used in…
  • Yes, i have Internet download manager installed. I did use the temp solution in other thread. however, today i also got the same problem with search advisor. I currently uninstall and will come back after this problem has been fixed. Thanks.
  • sorry for late reply DanyDan. I just re-upgrade my BIS today. Here is the icons which i mentioned about.
  • @ DanyDan: As you said. The paranoid mode will only affect with auto pilot. If we want to use auto pilot, we have to turn off paranoid mode and if we turn on paranoid mode, the auto pilot will deactivated itself? so why the paranoid mode still affect with auto scan and auto update? what i mean is why auto scan and auto…
  • After a few update today. now i am unable to do anythign with my computer. The computer become very slow. Bitdefender run on a high memory. Auto update is disable automatically. The registration is gone even though i have reigstered with the license and login to my account. Bitdefender also block all my start up program.…
  • Thanks Mihaela M. The thing is, when i run bitdefender fire in paranoid mode. The firewall show a pop-up and ask me whether i allow or not. And if i allowed it, it add that application into application rules. However, it not add any application to application rules when i am on auto pilot. Anyway, i will do my best to help.
  • Yes Qlimax, I found it too, and have the latest version, I don't know why you can't find it....:| Try to uninstall with Bitdefender Uninstall Tool mate. then download this version from here (link below). Do not download full install version.…
  • t tested today with different setting but look like we have to wait for awhile for now for Bitdefender 2012 with bugs free. I dont know why, but everytime bitdefender release new products, it always has many bugs compared to other anti virus companies.
  • Try to add IDM into allow list in Firewall/ Application Rules.
  • High ping still persists, internet is slowing down and NO! you still cannot turn off auto-pilot in It just seems to be turned off but you do not get any pop-up. I wonder if will i ever see a BD product that is bug free When you switch the Auto Pilot on/off, there is no pop-up, it only change the icon on the…
  • When the paranoid mode is on. Auto scan, auto pilot and auto update is automatically switch off. Problem is still exist in build
  • guys, update to the new build ( the dev has fixed the autopilot button. However, some other problems still exist.
  • in my IS 2012 version,the button for enabling paranoid mode is present.but if i enabling it,the automatic updates and autoscan immediately disabled in this case,i receive any alert by the firewall.but autopilot is not reactivabled again!and no autoscan and automatic updates! Same here. Even install the final and latest…
  • Thanks DanyDan for letting us know. waiting for new updates
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