Messenger Encryption

Hi all, well i did a clean install of BIS 2012. Everything its great, running smooth, but still one bug or something founded on messenger encryption. Its off by default, and when i switch on it stays on until i close bitdefender main page to taskbar. After that its off again. Any suggestion? Thank you!


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    First of all allow me to congratulate you, as being the very first one posting in the new 2012 section :)

    Already found this bug myself yesterday during a test session. Was escalated to Dev. and a fix will be released very soon.

  • Thanks DanyDan for letting us know. :)

    waiting for new updates :D

  • New build 319 released today...problem with Yahoo Messenger encryption still not resolved...i cannot believe. <img class=" />

  • I'm curious what's new in this build ?

  • I'm curious what's new in this build ?

    I see now, it's an dedicated topic for product update. I hope the bug with Yahoo Messenger encryption will be resolved soon. It exist from the first final version.

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    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    The current situation should be fixed in the latest build.

    Thank you.