preparing your product...hangs forever

downloaded the 400mb with no issue. now 45 minutes later the preparing splash screen is up . i did use the official uninstall tool to uninstall another bad install i had to shut down. i uninstalled everything else off the machine i had used before.


edit: ok got to the installation but when i try to log in it says cannot connect to server. but it has to be connecting because if i enter wrong name or password it knows it


  • luckydriver
    edited July 2017

    i've got it to the point when i enter name and password the bitdefender accont screen comes up with the spinning circle of death and hangs forever there.


    edit: back to 'cannot reach server ' error

  • Try to remove it, including the bitdefender agent, and parental control then restart the computer.

    Go to bitdefender central, login with your account and download the installer from there. you will get a new build. This installer will content you information, so after you install it, you do not have to login to activate the product.

  • did all that, downloaded from within the central, did same thing, asked for name and password. but it took a very long time to get to that point. the bitdefnder account circle spun a very long time before saying cannot reach server. i just dont know how it knows my password is wrong if i do it wrong, if it isnt going through


    now something else fun. i try to do new install and it says slow internet and stuck at 0. thing is i have 20meg internet so its not that slow. i killed windows firewall even. something is blocking bitdefender i'm assuming but no idea what. only thing i can think of was anvir and i killed that too. and malwarebytes.


    how can i tell what is blocking this


    also wondering if it's normal when you double click on the install file for the next step to take a very long time to start


    found this old post and added my answers:

    Open up Command Prompt and type in these 2 commands, pressing Enter after each line:



    Please send us their output and also tell us the message you get when accessing in your web browser. (BAD REQUEST)


  • i downloaded kaspersky and it installed in 5 minutes. i still would like a solution to bitdefender so i can come back to it though.

  • Hello,


    Please ensure that you remove all other security solutions from the machine and also check for leftovers. Specially HTTP drivers/services.

    Alternatively please contact our support team via [email protected] to assist with this situation.