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  • Hello erikmgg, Did that email contain an attachment? Cris. Hi Cris, no attachment to the forwarded message. Cheers Erik
  • I don't think is BitDefender. I have a PC without BitDefender, with Windows XP, and this update keeps comping via Windows Update. Thank you for this information. Guess many other users should experience same issue.
  • In Windows XP Home Edition, removing the 4.7 version of Windows Messenger from Add/Remove Windows Components in Add or Remove Programs was not sufficient. However, hacking the registry got the Windows Messenger vulnerability to quit showing up. Perform a search in regedit for 4,7,0,3000 and delete the two keys containing…
  • Same error for me, I've the latest version of Live Messenger; wouldn't know where Bitdefender TS2010 is getting the information from but somewhere there's a leftover from the old messenger, but where? Does any know?
  • hi there, Earlier this mth, i had purchased the BD Internet Security 2009 and had it installed in my Toshiba Laptop (vista OS). Ever since then, i have been facing this Flash Player problems.... Whenever i wanted to visit any sites that require Flash Player, i will be prompted to install my flash player. Even when i have…
  • Hello, I'm working with BDIS 2009 and Office 2003. I can't open the attached files from the received e-mails (pps, jpeg, jpg, gif, doc...). What can I do? Just an idea: try in Outlook under Tools > email accounts > change > more settings > advanced > server timeouts > choose a longer time, say 3 minutes, and check if that…
  • Have you tried restarting the PC when you received that notification? Sometimes BitDefender need to stop the services temporarily in order to install an update and it should be back on after the restart. If it's still disabled after a restart please tell me the following: - on what operating system are you running…
  • Thank you Florin, your recommendation works just perfect! My problem with large attachments: solved!
  • Your suggestion worked also for me, thanks!
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