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  • FYI, this error happened on a computer with an improper removal method. On the 1st computer, I didn't have the BitDefender removal tool. In a rush, and thinking it didn't matter, I just used Windows Add/Remove Program to take out BitDefender. On this computer, the new install gave the error. The 2nd computer had the…
  • This solved problem in Windows XP Pro 32-bit: Install BitDefender program, ignore the warning. Restart computer. Right click BitDefender icon in system tray. Select Preferences, Security Settings tab. Click AntiVirus button to turn it ON. Click Allow. Restart computer.
  • When I diagnose the problem with in network sharing center I get the message "DNS server isn't responding" (I'm using windows7) Hi again. There's a discussion going on for Windows 7 users about this problem here: I skimmed the article, but since I use Windows XP,…
  • i previously used a mobile broadband connection.back then bitdefender 2011 firewall worked perfectly.then i got adsl and i'm using prolink H5200 USB adsl2+ modem to connect.but when i activate the firewall i cant connect to me please. Please check your BitDefender Firewall | Network settings. Be sure your…
  • I ACTOVATED successfully just now. Thank you, BitDefender staff, for the fix!
  • I hear you, Chindokee. I tried again 8 hrs. later after uninstalling and reinstalling BitDefender again. Still no luck. I wrote Customer Support just now and informed them that I will charge back my purchase if they don't solve it in 30 days. I will continue to try to activate until then. After that, my BitDefender says it…
  • Comment: I reinstalled BigDefender today 04-27-2010 after a clean reinstall of Windows XP Pro, on a 32-bit platform. I got the same error message as above. I called USA customer support at (954) 928-2780. After verifying my account and identity, the operator checked and said that BifDefender servers are "overloaded due to…
  • WORK AROUND TO GRAY ICON We run BitDefender Internet Security Build in Windows XP Pro. We began to notice the system tray BD icon graying out. We right clicked on the icon, and clicked "Update Now". It woke up to bright red in a second or two. We disabled auto update, but got the alert triangle, and a request to…