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Corrupt Files

edited December 2010 in Installation

I did a fresh install of windows XP 32bit.

i NEED my antivirus on, and i cant keep downloading these because of my internet being limited.

Some installation files are corrupt, please download a fresh copy and retry the installation.

i downloaded bitdefender_total_security_2011_32b

and i used bitdefender uninstall tool to COMPLETELY remove it all.

I retried after i used the uninstall tool and restarted my computer, and its the same deal.

total file is 254mb.

the "express" download, is giving me the same thing?!

i am losing it!.

PS the

"chat" under the contact us, is not working for me, i click it and it just refreshed itself, did not show any chat screen, nor popups, and i have nothing blocking popups.

i would of used that instead of forums if it worked


  • I just downloaded the file and here are the file properties:


    Compare all your file properties to mine. Is everything the same or is anything different?

    Are you using any kind of download manager?

    What browser did you use to download - IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.?

    After reinstalling XP, did you also install all Service Packs including SP3?

    Have you installed all Microsoft Critical Updates?

    Awaiting your reply,

  • y2k

    No download manager, just straight from their forums, ie

    firefox for webbrowser,

    SP3 is not installing properly.., i dont know why, it just says failed to install certain elements 2 seconds into it.

    then 5 minutes into install, cant install something else.

    i have a good suspicion this harddrive is toast.

    I installed it from windows updates and this is the first time it ever, failed to installl?

    i know this is bitdefender related, but i am also getting alot of blue screens from it.

    never happened before.

  • You didn't say if the file properties of the BD file you have downloaded is the same as the file properties I posted.

    If you haven't been able to install SP3 without errors and get install errors installing "something else" and you suspect the "harddrive is toast" then you've got bigger problems that you need to resolve before even thinking about installing BD.

    You need to slow down, step back and get help resolving the hardware platform and Microsoft OS problems first and foremost.

    Once you get those problems fixed, I'm sure you will be able to install BD.

    Good luck,

  • y2k

    i am waiting on monday for the new harddrive.

    The file was exactly the same as yours.

    Monday i will download the new windows 7 home, on my new 640 gb harddrive.

    the one im on now is 250gb, its pretty crapped out, i wanted to get bitdefender on it, so i dont encounter viruses, but apparently it doesnt like installing sp3.

    soo, i have to brave it out or something! :S

  • The file was exactly the same as yours.

    Then I would conclude that there is nothing wrong with the file as it was downloaded. The errors you are getting when trying to install are due to the other problems you are having with the system. Those problems need to be resolved first before installing any application programs.

    Good luck,

  • y2k

    I have my new harddrive in, have windows 7 64bit on, have it FULLY updated, there is no antivirus/malware protection interfering, no firewall interfering.

    i download the bitdefender total security 2011 64b version, (the offline version in forums), and STILL getting corrupt files.

    I took it to the bitdefender people and they sent it to the "tier 2" people.

    Anything that you know of might help as well.


    when i downloaded the file it was roughly 292 mb (i could be wrong but it was around there)

    after i tryed to install, and it said corrupted files, the file went from 292 to 206mb??


  • nikki605
    edited December 2010

    If you are downloading the offline full-file version from one of the links in this pinned topic, then it should install. Are you sure you are getting the right file for your 64-bit system? Are you using Internet Explorer to download? Don't use any kind of download manager program. Make sure Windows Defender and windows Firewall are turned off during the download and install.

    Now that you are on Win7, make sure you right-click on the file when you go to run it and select 'Run as Administrator.'

    If you still have the same problem, it would help to post a screenshot of the actual error message here in your topic.

    Awaiting your reply,

    EDIT: again for your comparison, I just downloaded the bitdefender_total_security_2011_64b.exe file and here is a screenshot of the information in the file properties box:


    See if your file properties are the same.

  • finkey

    This solved problem in Windows XP Pro 32-bit:

    Install BitDefender program, ignore the warning.

    Restart computer.

    Right click BitDefender icon in system tray.

    Select Preferences, Security Settings tab.

    Click AntiVirus button to turn it ON.

    Click Allow.

    Restart computer.

  • finkey
    edited March 2011

    FYI, this error happened on a computer with an improper removal method. On the 1st computer, I didn't have the BitDefender removal tool. In a rush, and thinking it didn't matter, I just used Windows Add/Remove Program to take out BitDefender. On this computer, the new install gave the error. The 2nd computer had the removal tool. I used it. The new BitDefender went in without a hitch.

    *The first thing to try may be simply to download BitDefender's removal tool and use it.*

  • Hi,

    That's true Sonya. Indeed, as far as I have seen this error so far, it was because of either an uninstall of the previous BitDefender version or because of a very poor Internet connection.

    @Ryan: please save the file below then right click on it to open it. Select "Run as Administrator". Click on the Uninstall button then wait to be asked to restart the PC. After restart clean the temporary files from:

    BitDefender Uninstall Tool



    C:\Users\<Windows Username>\AppData\Local\Temp

    After cleaning the temporary folders try to download the BitDefender installation kit files from the locations mentioned in the topic below:

    Please confirm that the issue has been resolved.