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  • I've just received a FOURTH email from Avangate telling me my subscription to BitDefender is about to expire and that I need to purchase a product renewal. They're all about a week apart, and I have replied to each and every one of them - AND emailed customer support - and asked that they stop emailing me because as…
  • I received 2 such popups before switching to Norton. I still had months left on my BitDefender license but I didn't care: a non-obtrusive service was more important to me. So far all is well. I don't even know Norton is running unless I specifically open its settings screen to do some fine-tuning. I wrote about the issue…
  • Hi guys I posted an article on your software at http://www.gareth-jones.co.uk/2013/08/28/b...ers-pop-up-spam.
  • No response from BitDefender. I've been paying for their software since 2009 but their insistence on spamming their customers by doing exactly what their own software is supposed to be preventing means that I've now switched to Norton. Whichever ###### at BitDefender came up with this stupid idea should be fired.
  • I've seen this thread which dates back to December 2011 when others were complaining about you spamming paid customers: http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?sho...c=31124&hl= WHY are you still spamming paid customers when it is clearly not wanted? This kind of spam is the very thing your anti-spam feature is designed to…
  • I can read just fine thanks! You didn't ask for help, you decided that you would rather take a chea.p shot or two at someone who had nothing to do with the troubleshooting of the OP's problem from the beginning. You haven't asked for any help, you just criticize. How do you know whether or not it was Bitdefender that…
  • I have had great customer service since I have been a member of this forum. You have become a member of this forum today and in your very first post you respond to a problem from April 13, 2011 that was solved on April 15, 2011. I smell a TROLL. Are you not able to read or something? How about you look up for a second?…
  • Hi Thank you for your feedback. You can use that command, but for the novice users is recommended to repair the product. Thank you. Hey Christian, I've just registered on this forum specifically so that I could tell you how shocking I find your attitude in this matter. So, the OP's problem could have been solved with a…
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