• They supposedly fixed this problem with build according to this thread, which they closed for further posts. /index.php?/topic/75402-fixed-security-widget-resets-position-after-restart/" rel="">Security Widget Resets position It doesn't work for me.
  • The reset of the position of the security widget isn't fixed yet. I'm using Windows 10 with Bitdefender build and the position of the widget keeps resetting to the upper left corner. It seems to do it more often after a full shutdown, but will sometimes stay in position after a restart.
  • Since this procedure is nearly the same procedure I used to install Bitdefender, except that I didn't use the standalone installer, I decided to look elsewhere. It seems that the problem is with using an Autoplay menu. When I plug the jump drive in it gives me a menu of actions to select. If I select "Open with Windows…
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