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Usb Jump Drive Kills Total Security 2013


I've installed Bitdefender Total Security 2013 on my Toshiba Satellite laptop running Windows XP home and my Sony workstation running Windows XP pro. Both previously had Stopzilla and Trend Micro installed. These were removed before installation of Bitdefender.

Except for slow boot times both systems work well as long as I don't plug in a USB jump drive.

When I plug the jump drive into my laptop it scans the jump drive in a couple of minutes and everything is o.k.

Plugging the same jump drive into the Sony workstation causes it to slow to a crawl and it takes 4 hours for it to scan the drive. Removing the jump drive after the scan doesn't bring the system back to normal and a restart doesn't help either.

I have to "repair" Bitdefender Total Security before it will work again without vsserv.exe using up 100% of the cpu time.

Any suggestions? I used Trend's uninstall tool to make sure nothing was left of it. The only sign that there might be something left is that during the repair the windows security center gives a warning that "Trend Firewall Booster is turned off."

Any suggestions?