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  • Hello BitDefender interface design is very bad . Access to menus is harder . And non-transactional code modules AntiVirus is included on the first page! BitDefender better emergency management applications such as antivirus, Safe Pay, update, parental control and other items on the menu on the home page instead Tools:)…
  • If you performed a modification of the system, such behavior antivirus logical. You may install third-party themes? I've installed the program, modern mix shaggy. That's why my system was problem, so AntiVirus detects true. But was unable to complete the action taken by the program.Because the system hangs again. I am…
  • hi Each time the security level to aggressive state regulation would, in the normal mode varies Auto. Please check. thanks up.. hi, IDS in Windows 8.1 64 bit is not working correctly, please See the problem departed.
  • Explorer was blocked probably when some virus tried to modify or inject malicious code in explorer.exe proces..maybe u have an exploit that accessed explorer in memory.Restart pc and your memory will be cleaned..look in startup items and on servicess to check if something weird start up when u boot I've just installed…
  • Perhaps does not properly display the page, try using a different browser. Ok, I tested it in another browser, but sometimes the code can not be read at all! Another important thing. Why not upload it earlier than 10 mb? While the post has 20 mb!
  • However, this option makes it faster and easier to get System tray icons Bitdefender to disable antivirus. The addition of this option will help users.
  • Like I said, if this option was added to the context menu was not so great. I know how to disable antivirus,My suggestion was that only in this way that the image of the first posts I AntiVirus icon is added to the context menu. But only for quick access to Disable Anti-Virus
  • Maybe the download of .1191 has been removed from the Bitdefender website? It was there about a month ago when I downloaded it from the BD website. Click on Learn More and then click on Download I will update this thread as the previous version is too old: The New Bitdefender direct download links (recommended for offline…
  • There is, of course, the possibility that they won't correct the download MB/bar as they are working on the 2015 beta and that has a different display (see attached). Showing the GUI and the Widget. Thanks but I was wanting to know how to update his antivirus daily uses bandwidth. Because like Kaspersky Antivirus Finally…
  • Who is the manager someone who can help me?
  • hello, Please Check for this Link.link is not Uplod File than13% http://www.bitdefender.com/site/Main/autom...SampleUploader/ Hi I can not I upload a malicious file over 10MB to Support Bitdefender.!!! Because it did not load and gives error!! The changing face of compressing software, but I still did not matter! Please,…
  • Ah, you didn't make that clear in your post. It says 20MB maximum on the form. It may be an idea to compress the file before loading it with something like 7-Zip. thank you Very much, Solved Problem, ICan now upload the Suspiciuse file With Chang to 7-Zip Software .
  • Works fine for me - I Can't Uplod suspicious file than 10mb, because give me "EROR" Please Check it. Thanks.
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