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  • +1 the fact that BD still doesnt support simple settings backup is weird ... with every single problem you get, support guys advise you to uninstall and install again guess who`s gonna reconfig all that $hit again?!YOU
  • not sure what you mean but i think its "region free" you can activate it on up to 5 devices where ever you want! but to be sure send a ticket to support
  • /index.php?/profile/194274-bleb-nevus/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="194274" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/194274-bleb-nevus/" rel="">@Bleb Nevus well you can disable BD but i dont think it would help ... Protection Features>anti virus >bitdefender shield > off (permanently) + Protection Features>advanced…
  • i have the same problem with kb4056895 it shows up in windows update downloaded and installed but when restarted the system couldnt complete the update and rolled back ... We couldn’t complete the updates, Undoing changes /index.php?/topic/78196-kb4056895-and-bd-ts-2018/&do=embed" style="height:208px;max-width:502px;">…
  • Main interface>view features>webprotection settings(gear)>scan SSL off This is it for BD Total Security 2018 you can also remove the root certificate from windows (run>certmgr.msc>trusted root certificates) and FF itself ... and about the vulnerability all i can say is BD local cert has weaker encryption algorithm this…
  • Well BD 2018 at best is in beta stage yet they released it so early due commercial reasons now all i can see is complains about how 2017 was good and this is broken.. With that said you can easily remove it from live os also you can boot into safe mode and try the uninstaller(if the system is responsive ofc)…
  • which bitdefender proccess?updatedownloader, security service, agent or els?did you enable optimization? what do you mean by freez you get "has stopped working"?provide the crash log and put the game folder into exclusion list and also if its an offline game temporarily disable BD (all modules)
  • Just disable the SSL Scan for good its actually creats more vulnerabilities
  • On 10/11/2017 at 8:22 AM, jimmyjam99 said: Well i just spent the last half hour looking in the box forums and more of the older posts in this forum, and time to move on. Most topics are ignored completely and the others are barely helpful or again wont acknowledge there is a problem in the first place.. same here.BD TS…
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