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  • You can cancel auto-renewal from the 2Checkout account, I just did it. Here are instructions sent to me by Bitdefender support which I used: You can manage your Bitdefender purchases by creating a 2Checkout account. 2Checkout is our billing and payment processor and an account with them gives you access to: - review order…
  • After spending some more time on Microsoft Community I did a restart from the run command and now everything works. Not only can I shutdown/restart from the start button but several other issues have disappeared. So perhaps Adobe did provide a fix but it required a restart to take effect.
  • Unfortunately my Adobe Genuine Software Programs are dated 10/9/2019 and I still have the start/restart problem so there may be more to this issue.
  • To all of you: Paste here where is the location of the trojan ! Here were the locations: [system]=]HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN\QuickTime Task=]C:\PROGRAM FILES\QUICKTIME\QTTASK.EXE C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple Computer\Installer Cache\iTunes…
  • I was given the same notice today. Trojan.Generic.375865 was detected and no action possible. What are we supposed to do and what kind of trojan is this? My scan last nite also flagged 4 occurrences of the same Trojan. Mine was in a registry key associated with QuickTime, in the QuickTime installer (Documents and…
  • Same problem. Only changed over from Norton last week on review recommendation and now have this problem. Have contacted online support and sent logs/screenshots and await resolution. Running XP Pro with SP3 and I have no intention of uninstalling SP3 I also have the same problem. As far as XP3 is concerned I have been…
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