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  • Same problem and it only started happening. Very very annoying. Also, my homepage doesn't open at all and instead is nothing but some sort of code. This has occurred exactly at the same time as the bitdefender problems and I've reinstaleld bd, it's definitely bd. My homepage:…
  • Ok, when I turned off AVS, my internet seemed to sped up dramatically although I still was unable to load any pages, maybe if I had restarted my computer it would have been fine. I just ended up reinstalling it and everything seems fine again. I dunno.
  • Not exactly the same problem as him, but I my internet has slowed down a lot. I have a very fast computer and have had no problems before but my firefox has been slowed down to a crawl and more often than not has been unable to connect to the server. Windows Explorer has been a little better but I'd much rather use…
  • sry, the smily face is B ) with no space.
  • i cant upload the .reg file for some reason. but here is the contents..... the smily face is actually just Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MidasHeurScanner] "UserId"=hex( :44,cc,96,98,d2,9e,f6,24 "PluginsFolder2"="C:\\Program Files\\BitDefender\\BitDefender 2010\\Active Virus…
  • The update worked, thanks. Good thing I just got the problem today.
  • Yeah, I just had the same thing happen to me. Bitdefender has generally kept me safe but these bugs associated with the product are so irritating. Any available help? There seem to be a lot of people with this problem, although I just got it today. Any help would be appreciated. - hold on, trying the update.
  • Yeah it did thanks! Why didn't Bit Torrent detect it though?
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