• Some new articles about the problem http://www.zdnetasia.com/bad-security-upda...m?tag=mncol;txt http://www.pcworld.com/article/192000/bad_...indows_pcs.html Look at the comments on the bottom of the articles looks like bitdefender has lots of time to get on news website to do PR for the company. I just want them to answer…
  • A lot of people are not very computer savvy they might not have grown up with computers all there life's. Some people just use there computer to get on the internet so when they see all these file infected they get scared and might clean out the quarantine. As for the fact that windows replaces these files after the…
  • i want a full refund on my product so i can move to different software. bitedefender crashed my computer which took me 20 mins to get working again lucky i backup my computer a lot.
  • so i thought i could restart my computer after restoring most of the files and updating software, but now windows is hardly working, none of my programs are loading including bitdefender. I have to say with this problem and the one that occurred a couple months ago when windows 7 came out that i'm done with bitdefender and…
  • randy and sylian: what OS are you on? I'm on XP Pro and the fix seems to have worked for me. i'm on windows7 64bit why they couldnt fix both at the same time i dont know they have known about windows 7 problem since this trend was started so i really dont want to wait three weeks for a fix.
  • my subscription is up in 58 days i have already started looking for another internet security software. Looks like im taking my business away from bitdefender . I would have stayed with bitdefender but this fix is taking to long.
  • ya im going to say that the update didnt fix anything, i have had blank pages twice today already and had to restart twice
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