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  • Can anyone give me the steps to disable the Work Profile Popup. I am using the Total Security Software. Thanks -john
  • Hello, @Reeltime46: 1. I have moved the topic into the correct Forum Category -> Antivirus since you have an issue with the Real Time Protection module. 2. I have checked the 4 screenshots you attached and couldn't understand the connection between the Update module and the Real Time Protection and, furthermore, why you…
  • You can upload images on a various websites. ; ; ; etc. Simply perform a Google search and upload the files on any of these websites. Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply. Before Reboot After Reboot 1 After Reboot 2 After Reboot 3
  • What web page is being blocked? Copy & paste the URL in your next post. Regards, Hi Gary, I clicked on the link Dan provided and tried to upload the Jpeg's.
  • Hello, Please upload each JPG in a separate link. You can upload the files HERE Looking forward to your answer! Hi Dan, I am getting the folling error messages. "BitDefender 2011 This web page has been blocked by BitDefender Antivirus Real-time Protection! The web page blocked by BitDefender included objects that were…
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