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  • I am having an issue with windows xp any time I close firefox 3.6.2 the bitdefender firewall "bdftdif.sys"‎ when I close firefox the dump file is located at. "bdftdif.sys"‎ i had the same problem for sometime. heres wat i did and i think it somehow fixed the problem - 1) remove all…
  • i also had the same prob. so i added my games to the 'manage games' list. so wen i open the game, gamemode is automatically enabled. u cud also try using the hotkey, see if it makes any difference.
  • but i once had a chat with bitdefender customer care on the same problem. they told me to do so. i had the same doubts about security rick. but he said tat there is absolutely no security risk in doin so.
  • go to expert mode>firewall>network. under trust level, choose trusted local. stealth mode - off. generic profile - yes. (you shud hav the network connected and working to c these options).
  • go to expert mode>anti-virus>virus scan>untick 'run the task with low proirity' and 'minimise scan wizard'. hope tatll work