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  • Ok..Now Traffic lite is rating results..Fixed
  • Sounds like more trouble than its worth
  • Never has worked on my Biitdefender total 7 on any browser.....I put banking site and password in wallet and all it does is go in protected browser no password fill in at all. shows wallet in settings as an extension but doesn't show up in plug ins!!
  • I can't get wallet to auto fill?..tried Chrome and IE 10
  • Hello. "Patience is a veritable virtue" I'm pretty sure will follow some updates that will solve these problems soon. Have a nice day! Doesn't fill in anything on my online banking
  • It should still be there. Di you run a system restore by any chance? I have recently but not before this happened.Been alright since the re-format.
  • Hi...It should be exactly the same for 2013. Do you have it turned on? Go to Settings>Privacy>Antiphishing>Search Advisor>On Checked , it's on but only shows up on Internet explorer which I don't use..i have Chrome Version 26.0.1410.64 m Firefox 20.01..Tried it on 19 before i updated, no luck
  • Hi ttomm46, Thank you for posting back. There shouldn't be any compatibility issues between the Bitdefender product you are currently using and Tune-up software from the other company. Have a great weekend! you also thank you Tom
  • The AVG I have is just AVG PC tuneup
  • Hello Tom, I see that my colleagues from Customer Service already contacted you at the time you made this forum post. Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you need more information. Thank you! I have Bit Defender now....
  • Are you downloading from torrent or by using any download manager e.g IDM, DAP, Flashget etc I re-installed and now wo rks fine..
  • So, Is Vipre support any better? Seems all the support people for antivirus stuff do not pay close attention to their forums and expect the users to discuss among themselves. I know that Symantec really stinks for support unless you PAY more for additional/premium support. Then they are Top Notch! Vipre support including…
  • Same here, I tried activating it but nothing happens. I even tried to do a manual update for Bitdefender Internet Security then restarted still no luck. Please tell the guys at Bitdefender to pull their act together! I couldn't agree more Barry..May go back to vipre Tom
  • their online installer ###### ###### just download the offline installer and when prompted to download updates during installation CHOOSE NO! Product updates will be delivered automatically later on Bitdefender's technical support is the worst and these forums and all its support staff are USELESS fixed today..must have…
  • Hey I got Bitdefender for Christmas and it was a lot of money! I researched and I couldn't find anything on how to fix this...but anyways when I install it, it will install 3/4 of the way then stop and say "Installation failed" I installed SO MANY TIMES and then deleted the old didnt give me a log file or…
    in Help! Comment by ttomm46 December 2012
  • I just re-installed win 7 64 bit and now when I try and install IS 2013 i get a message after it starts downloading saying file failed to download..check my internet luck. ps tried anti virus 2013 also same thing
  • I've had trouble downloading legitimate software with the firewall on do i added allow for windows explorer ftp and that what i'm supposed to do? anyone?
  • Anyone..I know sometimes I buy impulsively tom
  • Read this post Password Protected Items sounds like it's better to just ignore the message then!
  • Hello Do you use a free service like GMail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail or do you have a local email server? Thank you. I have gmail but I mostly use Incredimail and my isp providers mail Tom
  • Hello Welcome back. Bitdefender is fully compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer & Opera. As email clients, we only support Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird. The emails will be scanned because the scan is made on ports, but the toolbar won't integrate with that client. Let me know if you have…
  • ok..thank you
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