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  • Had these every day this week. This company has nothing but contempt for its users. I'm struggling to think of another PAID software product that installs adware onto its users' computers then spams them with garbage. The amazing thing is that it must work. Some people must be so stupid that they go, "Duh, OK, seeing as…
  • Three pop up ads in 3 days. What a laughable, pathetic excuse for a company, and it's not as if their software is any good. I'll be posting everywhere I can recommending people don't waste their money on this garbage.
  • Just had another ad two minutes ago. You pay good money to a company and they bombard your computer with adware (not to mention refusing to sort out problems such as video streaming that have been ongoing for years). A grubby, money-making company, I hope they go to the wall.
  • Safepay cannot produce BSOD. It is an user mode program, as I explained above. While I understand that something is not right for you and you are upset, let's keep it correct. Did you contact technical support? uploaded crash informations? Cristian Well I tried it twice and both times got the BSOD at the EXACT moment the…
  • This problem:Speedtest I noticed the same thing. The needle didn't move and the graph was a weird shape despite my download being a solid 6Mb as measured by BitMeter. I didn't know this was due to BD, I thought the speedtest site just wasn't working, but it doesn't surprise me.
  • I've been getting that screen for the past week too, every day. At least it answers a question. I did wonder what the BD team were doing instead of sorting out the crucial video streaming problem that has apparently been present for several years. Now I know. They've been developing ways to turn BD into malware, doing the…
  • Look in the General forum and there is a big thread on this. The bug has been present for many years and BD can't be bothered to sort it out, preferring instead to hope nobody notices. I guess most people just think their internet is slow but when you use a tool like BitMeter you can see exactly what's happened. Support…
  • I'm having the same problem, started as soon as I installed BD IS 2013 (not surprisingly). Unbelievable that support can't be bothered to even reply to this thread let alone get the problem fixed. Looks like it's been going on for years and BD have just banked on people not noticing. Totally unprofessional, and what a…
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