Bitdefender 2013 Firewall Component Has Serious Problem

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My system has Windows 8 64 bit. I installed bitdefender windows 8 security trial version. But soon I came to know that its firewall component causes slowing down of internet. After further investigating I came to know that whenever I browsed a video streaming website like youtube internet speed get slow. The cause of this is that even if I closed the web browser bitdefender keeps downloading from these streaming websites.

Suppose if I watched 2 minutes of a video of total length 1 hr and closed the web browser. Then after closing the web browser bitdefender keeps downloading that 1 hour video in background.

This is total waste of internet bandwidth and causes slowing down when we browse other websites.

Both bitdefender internet security 2013 and bitdefender Windows 8 security 64 bit has this problem.

Other users also must be suffering from this problem. let me know if there is any solution.


  • Sorry, if you have undergone this. But have you double checked if you have paranoid mode on? Try to disable it for testing purposes. smile2.png

  • Look in the General forum and there is a big thread on this. The bug has been present for many years and BD can't be bothered to sort it out, preferring instead to hope nobody notices. I guess most people just think their internet is slow but when you use a tool like BitMeter you can see exactly what's happened. Support refuse to even acknowledge there is a problem.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Please please post here a support tool log to see what is wrong:

    If the file is too big to attach, upload it on or

    and post the download link.

    If you were already asked to generate these logs, disregard the above message and just post the ticket ID.

    Thank you.