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  • I have Bitdefender Total Security installed along with VPN and I received about 25 notifications about blocking suspicious websites connections during 4 hours of work today. This happens everyday. This is actually more annoying than some malicious adware. I tried the method with Windows Task Scheduler. If it does not work, I'm not gonna renew my subscription plan. This thread is a few years old and this is ridiculous that it still hasn't been solved and that you guys haven't implemented one simple feature: turn off notifications. Imagine uBlock or Brave browser informing you about each ad it has blocked successfuly.

  • Mike_BD
    Mike_BD admin
    edited December 2021

    Hello @Kamil ,

    Bitdender Total Security with VPN (eighter Premium or the standard) has the option of turning off a part of the notifications. In this thread there some screenshots and indications how to do it, as the interface is clean and straightforward.

    Now, I don't know what is the exact configuration of your machine, nor your daily activity, so just trying to help: have you unchecked the "Allow all notifications" as in the photo below?


    Another explanation can reside in expired certifications for the sites you visited (or some ads hosted on a site ). Certificates just serve as a way for client and host to handshake and verify each other's identity. If the cert is expired, you won't be able to connect.


    Third, for you working hours (and ofc, not only), you can configure a WORK PROFILE in your Bitdefender Total Security, following these steps:

    1. Bitdefender main window -> UTILITIES -> PROFILES-> SETTINGS -> automatically activate profiles -> OFF

    2. Activate profiles manually -> WORK PROFILE -> enabled

    3. In Work profile tab, click "CONFIGURE -> all options should be checked (at your discretion, if you want to leave some on).

    If this does not help, kindly asking to reach for our Support team by visiting



  • [{"insert":"Why would one have to stop \"all\" notifications to stop being harassed with adware from a product that is supposed to protect you from adware. I don't want to \"purchase\" your VPN Bitdefender! I already have a VPN. I shouldn't have to disable all notifications \"lowering\" my security and safety to stop being harassed with \"YOUR\" pop up asking me to PURCHASE your VPN. STOP!\n"}]
  • You're "products" are constantly giving "notifications" that I need to "purchase" your VPN to be safe, that I'm not safe, despite already being connected with a VPN and despite my "not" being on a "open Wi-Fi" at the time. The suggesting of turning of "open Wi-Fi" warnings/notifications (also suggested by Bitdefender) would be lowering my security by "not" warning me about 'actual' open Wi-Fi connections. Turning off all "notifications" as was also suggested by some "Bitdefender" staff is also lowering my security. Lowering my security to stop being harassed to purchase a VPN I don't need is not a solution and it is not "keeping up the line of defense".
  • How can I stop the Automatic Profiles Notifications WITHOUT turning off Automatic Profiles? Can you please add an option for the same. The notification that pops up every time I open an app that says Bitdefender Automatic Profiles shifted me to Work Profile is very annoying. I would like to get rid of it.

  • I have my notification turned off in a VPN app and it is Total Security that shows up pop-ups about blocking threats right now. I'm on Windows 10 machine with all the system updates installed. There's no way to turn it off in the program settings and the Task Scheduler tip did not help in my case.

    There are literally HUNDRED of threads on various web forums, including your own Reddit channel, about this very issue. Some of them are few years old and the only confirmed solution seems to uninstalling Bitdefender from the system. This is ridiculous!

  • I just opened a support ticket for a similar issue, I am surprised that this is still ongoing more than a year later. The notification for "Supsicious connection blocked" will pop up and freeze the screen for a moment literally every 2-3 seconds. It has effectively made my laptop useless. I've tried all of the advice I've seen for turning off the notifications, but nothing is stopping the "Supsicious connection blocked" pop-ups. This is completely unacceptable, I'm at the point where my laptop would be more functional if I uninstalled this software. What do I do?

  • Hello @TDG ,

    Kindly ask of you to send me privately your ticket number so I can follow up.

    @Kamil then probably there's a specific issue that is causing this. Please go to our Support page and raise a ticket there, visiting



  • Over the years of using Bitdefender, I occasionally got a notification that someone was trying to scan my ports. It was bearable, lately however, several times a day I have the message Attempted threat blocked from Online Protection, these messages do not allow me to watch movies, games are minimized to windows, the admins here do not seem to understand what are we writing about, as if you were from another planet. Fortunately, it's only a month of subscription and switching to normal software that doesn't torture me.

  • 😡

    I bought BitDefender Total Security just 3 days ago, so was unfamiliar with the software having never used it before. The reason I am here, after only 3 days, is that THE NOTIFICATIONS ARE EXTREMELY INTRUSIVE AND BOTHERSOME. A

    BitDefender, it is obvious that after 8 pages you have actually done NOTHING to address this issue and allow your customers to turn off the [SPAM, in my opinion] "helpful notifications". Please do something asap to allow your customers to turn these damn notifications off. If you refuse to do that, I will return to my previous Anti-Virus, and I bet many other customers will do the same. If you are as good as claimed, then do this: ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO TURN OFF THE NOTIFICATIONS THAT ALERT US THAT BITDEFENDER IS DOING ITS EFFING JOB! Really....😡

  • Hello @TBC_Maxand99 ,

    You can turn off most of the Bitdefender Total Security notifications. I am not sure what was that bothered you (I test it constantly on 2 machines, running Windows 10), but some quick suggestions would be:

    Settings -> General tab -> choose what you wish to keep or not

    Privacy -> Safepay ->Setting -> choose if you want to be notified when working on banking pages ( recommended to keep, but , again, your choice)

    stay safe,


  • Just switched from Avast to total security. In Avast, I could at least turn on silent mode, which prevented popups and notifications. With bitdefender, in the few hours i have it installed, i have been bugged and annoyed more times than any other software on my system did in years.

    For a tool that is supposed to give me peace of mind, this is the most disruptive and annoying crap ever. And it bothers me so much that nowhere, in all the tests and reviews that praise this software so much, this is mentioned. I mean, you make a tool that should prevent things like that. With no way to turn it off either. Evidently this has been an issue for many years - and the reaction is zero. No changes, no option to opt out. If this is indeed so, I want a refund!

    "You can turn off most of the Bitdefender Total Security notifications."

    No you can not. Or rather, if this is the shallow end of the options, then turning them all on must be a nightmare of never ending and relentless, near comedic bombardment of popups.

    Yes, i already sent a mail via the support system, and i am waiting for the usual "to turn off notifications..." nonsense this thread has been filled with - completely ignoring that it's about all the software popups. I am posting here, to vent publicly, to show what a consistent issue this is. To add to the number of people telling you to change this!

    I don't want to switch off notification of actual threats, but i don't want any other popup from this software. It is supposed to STFU and sit there, still and all quiet, in my taskbar; and ONLY when a threat occurs inform me about that. That's it. I don't want ANY other information; and to even have to opt out from the usual advertisement stuff is aggravating enough.

    I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE! I hope you can provide a better solution in the next day or so, because I will request a refund, and use kaspersky or something else instead.

  • I would really like to use the profiles, but the incessant pop-ups make this impossible. Switching off the profiles to stop the pop-ups is not an option !!!! What's the point of having them?

  • Bravo @MetaControl

    Well stated. I complete agree. BitDefender is a joke, apparently. The "expert" replies in this thread, from the "Admins", are absurd, illogical, mis-understanding, insulting even.

  • @Mike_BD admin 

    On December 2 YOU WROTE:

    Hello @TBC_Maxand99 ,

    You can turn off most of the Bitdefender Total Security notifications. I am not sure what was that bothered you (I test it constantly on 2 machines, running Windows 10), but some quick suggestions would be:

    Settings -> General tab -> choose what you wish to keep or not

    Privacy -> Safepay ->Setting -> choose if you want to be notified when working on banking pages ( recommended to keep, but , again, your choice)

    stay safe,



    I want to say: I find your reply EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL and INSULTING.

    I (and so many others) followed all those "directions" already, many times, and still receive CONSTANT pop-up notifications, on my screen (not even in the sidebar), sometimes literally seconds apart, which are very distracting and negatively affect my work. Please see attached screenshots as evidence of the distraction.

    Shutting off the notification options, per your suggestion, DOES NOT HELP, as I and many others are pointing out for 8 pages and counting here (and on many other websites the very same complaints about BitDefender are voiced daily.)

    This is a TERRIBLE PROGRAM, if a "feature" is constant, visible, distracting pop-up notifications. Really awful, and yet you then state "I am not sure what was that bothered you..." What??? THE POP-UP NOTIFICATIONS BOTHER ME, MAN! As they do everyone else here. The title of this thread is: "HOW TO STOP BITDEFENDER POPUPS/NOTIFICATIONS". What do you think is bothering people???

    Please FIX THE PROBLEM, instead of not listening.

    I am cancelling BitDefender and going back to Webroot. BitDefender products are terrible, and clearly the "expert customer service" is even worse. What a complete waste of time, energy, and money. What a joke.


    ▶️ Other readers/users: CANCEL / DO NOT RENEW BitDefender. Apparently the only way to get these people to listen and perhaps resolve these issues is to boycott the products and not support the business until they act responsibly. There are better options, and more courteous companies who will accept AND respect your business.


  • Hello again @TBC_Maxand99 and @MetaControl ,

    Sorry to hear/ see you have this experience with Bitdefender Total Security. I will make your voice heard with our product team.

    Stay safe!


  • Too little, too late. You never did help, still have not in your latest reply. I have cancelled BitDefender and subscribed to WebRoot instead. WebRoot is a FAR SUPERIOR product, working always quietly in the background, with NO annoying pop-ups, ever; and consuming less RAM than BitDefender. BitDefender is terrible, as is the truly awful "customer service".

    Rather than believe in BitDefender, the only rational thing to do is to cancel BitDefender, not support it in any way, buy something else, and spread the word. I am very happy that I have done so, and I urge all other visitors to this page to NOT SUPPORT BITDEFENDER: IT IS A TERRIBLE PRODUCT WITH AWFUL 'CUSTOMER SERVICE'. 🤬

  • Hi @TBC_Maxand99 ,

    We respect all of our customers (or former customers') choices and try to constantly improve our products, following your feedback, security threats and emerging trends.

    Regarding WebRoot to be "far superior product" , independent tests, such as this , might be a good source of information :

    I will continue to monitor on 3 devices now (2 with w10, 1 with w7 ultimate) and try and replicate the issues marked on this thread and report them within our team.

    Stay safe,


  • Simple, we need a way to silence the "Suspicious Connection Blocked" notification and the profile switching notification. We shouldn't have to turn off auto profile switching just to avoid the related notification. You're literally hemorrhaging product reputation and clients over such a simple fix. Why?
  • There is no shutoff notifications switch on PC. Only on mobile, apparently.

    These notifications are annoying, embarrassing and distracting during screen sharing presentations.

    These notifications can sometimes steal my mouse focus while programming and cause me to enter keystrokes into the wrong window.
  • Mike_BD: again, you are NOT reading or listening/hearing, it seems. Nobody cares how BitDefender acts on YOUR devices if it acts horribly (as evidenced by 8 pages of complaints so far, and many more on other sites...) on OUR devices. Why do you need "to try and replicate the issues marked on this thread and report them within our team..."? THE ISSUES HAVE ALREADY BEEN DESCRIBED MANY TIMES HERE IN THIS THREAD AND MANY OTHERS. What more evidence could you possibly need that BitDefender has a major, annoying, goddamned problem, man???

    I (and many others) provided plenty of evidence, written and image, regarding our complaints, and you continue to not address those customers (yes, EX-customers in my case). In fact, you rudely and ineptly post some "comparison-review" which tries to posit BitDefender as better than WebRoot. BitDefender is NOT better than WebRoot. I had WebRoot for 3 years (never any problems) before thinking I would try BitDefender, based on the reviews (which I now can state are not accurate, in my case at least). I had BitDefender barely 3 days, not 3 years, before I found I was sick of it and that no real "customer service" to help would be forthcoming from the BD site here. That is terrible performance, Mike_D, and so, again:


    Please stop treating people so flippantly, stop making so many excuses, and instead just focus and start to improve the product if you want to stay competitive and respected.

  • How to stop showing, popup again and again?

  • I, like everyone here, cannot turn off the notifications and find it distracting and annoying. I was using the free version before and decided to upgrade to the subscription service. what a mistake that was. I keep getting notifications I don't give two shits about. Just do your thing in the background and let me game in peace. I don't care that you blocked suspicious activity. Do you want a gold star for that? This program acts like a bratty kid that wants to get complimented every time he does something right.

    The issue with the notifications, which the admins here for whatever reason cannot seem to grasp, is that these notifications steal focus away from whatever app or program you're using.

    I don't understand why it's so hard for the programming team to either make popups not steal focus, or give us the option to disable them completely.

  • I got here thinking that I would find a solution to stop to notifications, but all I've found are more frustrated users like me.

    Bitdefender, PLEASE, stop trying to push unwanted features for your consumers!

    I've been using this antivirus for 4 years now, I choose your software because it was light on resources and effective. Now, it's bloated and annoying.

    So, here's a list of things I hate about this product:

    • The constant notifications are distracting (and they don't go away unless you dismiss them)
    • The VPN offers are pathetic and desperate (it installs even if I say I don't want it)
    • Don't auto-install Chrome extensions without my consent
    • I don't care about SafePay
    • Your antispam doesn't work
    • Stop reminding me my Wi-Fi password doesn't meet your standards
    • I already have a password manager that I can SHARE passwords with family members, if yours don't do that them please don't auto install that in every browser because I'm not leaving my password manager for something inferior
    • For a while now your antivirus has been using way more resources than it used to, you guys used to have the best performance results in AV tests, what happened? Is all this bloatware?

    Get your shit together and deliver us and effective, lightweight and unintrusive antivirus like the old days.

  • DiegoCJ has nailed it. The incessant pop-ups to "immunize" USB drives that have already been "immunized" and nothing seems to turn them off... is the issue that brought be here originally. I still don't know after reading this whole thread.

    One of the problems is that the 'solutions' offered eight pages ago don't even apply to the current version. The labyrinthine pathways to try to turn each unwanted pop-up off seem like they are made to be deliberately difficult to follow.

    Too bad, so many unhappy people, and I'm becoming one of them.

  • Just wanted to add that you lost me as a customer. I'm writing off the one year subscription as a loss and switching over to webroot. That's how bad your program is. I paid for a year's sub already, but I would rather switch to webroot than suffer your asinine amount of popups.

  • I was close to renewing Total Security for another year but decided to disable auto-renewal (had to do it from "2CheckOut" rather than from within BD Central).

    A few things I did not like:

    Everytime I started Outlook or Thunderbird, that message about "we have got your back..." Same message whenever starting Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc).

    Total Security covered up to 5 devices. I have two laptops and one Android phone, so a total of 3 devices. Nearly every day I had a large popup about adding more devices. No way of turning that off is really annoying. Maybe have an option "do not remind me again", instead of "add another device" and "remind me later".

    In recent weeks I had noted the version of TS was 26.x, where previously it was 25.x, and I noted the popups were still occurring but less frequently, but still happened.

    I even talked myself into accepting the popups and just dismiss them and carry on. But after seeing these multiple pages (currently 8) on this topic, going back a long time, I decided to not renew, and have gone back to my previous A/V software (Emsisoft Anti-Malware) and all is now good.
  • CraigNZ
    edited December 2021
    Maybe in a year things will have improved at Bitdefender. If so I may be back.
  • Yep...I'm done as well. Uninstalling as we speak... what a waste of money...never again.

  • Just installed Bitdefender 2 days ago and also bought subscription for my daughter. Wow what a mistake! eight pages of complaints and all support does is give lame insulting responses! I HAVE turned off all notifications but still have many messages popping up constantly. I am astute enough to know when I need a VPN, Safepay, Boost your device's performance now etc. Going back to Mcafee. It protected us all for 3 years with "0" annoyances.......

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