New purchase activated but not on the devices yet

Hi everybody..

Can't install the new product I purchased as there are still 28 days to go for the expiration... My auto-renewal is disabled... Can not even enable auto-renewal yet...

Any clue will highly be appreciated


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  • CryLancerCryLancer
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    I have the same issue. It was about time to renew so I purchased Bt Total Security. Since I had Internet Security 2020, cancelled the auto- renewal, removed my pc from the list and I uninstalled the previous version (Internet Security) as I was told around here to do a clean installation. Then I downloaded from the link the installer. but unfortunately for some reason the installation doesn't want to go past the preparing Bt product window, which just closes without any error message.

    And for my luck the email I sent to the support team replied back with a copy paste of the default installation video...


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