Question on licensing

Hi folks

I am in need of a bit of advice in regards to licensing.

We are a small charity and use Bitdefender Small Office Security which we have found to be an extremely effective AV solution, however we have now reached the maximum of twenty devices.

Going forward in the next few months we will need to increase the number of devices past twenty and intend to purchase a further Bitdefender Small Office Security license for a further twenty devices.

The question is will these further twenty licences be available in the existing Bitdefender Central dashboard to allow the same administration processes to continue as before?

I do realise there are other Bitdefender business products that offer different device licensing options but being a small charity these would exceed the available budget quite considerably.

Thanks in advance.



  • Hi @Gary_Peacock ,

    Thanks for posting here and reaching out to us. I've checked with my teammates and, although not recommended, you can have 2 or more SOHO in parallel , thus covering more devices.

    Let me know how it will work for you.

    All the best,


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