Need to merge subscriptions

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Currently have Family Pack Total Security which is about to expire. Now need less seats, so purchased Total Security 10 seat, but on activation the merge facility did not come up. How or when can I merge?


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    Hi @Vae ,

    For more info about how to manage your subscriptions, please have a look here:

    From what you say, these are different products and the subscriptions cannot be merged.

    The new subscription model will provide two activation options in Central, only if the two products are identical and can cover the same number of devices.The first option would be to extend validity and the second one to activate in parallel, with the scope to protect more devices.In the event the product is the same, but the variation of devices is different, only the second option for parallel activation will be displayed. This applies for different products as well, for example a FP license cannot be extended using a TS activation code.

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