How Do I Fix Battery Consumption By BD Mobile Security On My Blackberry Key 2?

Garth Issett
edited February 22 in Mobile Security

I'm running BD version on my Key 2 running Android 8.1.0.

BD is consuming 65%+ of my battery.

I realize Key 2 is out of support and Android is an old level, but short of trashing my phone is there a way to reduce the BD battery consumption?

I've read the discussions on this site and others and have not found a solution.



  • Hello @Garth Issett,

    While I haven't seen high battery consumption reports on Android when using Mobile Security, I can tell you that we do have an ongoing investigation concerning a high battery usage reported on iOS, in conjuction with Web protection and you can find more information in the thread below:

    Going forward, my first recommendation is to use Web Protection only when needed. Whenever the device is not in use and you are not browsing, especially when idle or charging, you may pause Web Protection and this may help preserve the battery. The second recommendation would be to ask our engineers to investigate the possible reasons behind this. You can contact them using one of the available channels at the link below:


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    You should contact Bitdefender Mobile Support by e-mail:

    [email protected]