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BD Total Security Suddenly Hangs Windows 7. Any Help?


Having used BitDefender Total Security and VPN for a couple of years now on my Windows 7 system without any problems, on march 1st, my computer suddenly became VERY slow on boot and login. It took me a couple of days to find out that BitDefender Total Security was the cause of that issue (not VPN). After uninstalling and reinstalling, after a full scan without viruses or malwares, it was only working fine on Safe Mode. I then tried using another antivirus (Total AV) without any problems whatsoever. Strangely, I got another computer using Windows 7 and BitDefender Total Security without any problems. I wonder if a new update of Total Security could have triggered a conflict with something in my computer. I'm including a picture of my processed apps that works normally without BitDefender installed. Maybe you can notice some known

apps that cause a problem, altough I didn't change anything on my computer since the problem occured.

Hope this can help resolve this issue.