[resolved]How To Re-install With Latest Update?


I want to re-install my pc that already installed BD IS 2011 and it is updated everyday. What if I want to reinstall BD? Is it back to version which I first install in my pc? How to back up my BD update, so when I reinstall, I got my latest version of my BD?



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    We are talking about two different things, even if related. To be sure that you have the latest installation kit I suggest you download it from:


    Once installed you will still have to perform some updates, however, some of the fixes launched in the past are added to the pack from time to time, when the installation pack files are updated.

    Hope it helps you :)

  • Thank's Dan. It's really helps ;-)

  • Always a pleasure to help :) If you have any further queries feel free to contact me anytime ! Create a new topic, explain the situation and you'll have my answer ASAP.

    Case resolved, topic closed.

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