Free Version Install Fails At The End

Windows 7 64 bits, 64 bits installer downloaded.

All goes fine until the page where it lists the features of the free version and you have 3 checkboxes with scheduled scan/send reports/scan when idle.

When that page appears an error message also appears (popup) stating that a device cannot be accessed.

I close the popup, then say next and I am informed that setup failed and that I should run the uninstall tool.

Currently I need to restart in order to try again and see the exact text of the error message, but did this already 2 times without change.

If you need the exact text in the popup, I will be able to give it to you after restart.

Anyone notice this before/knows how to fix it?


  • Hi Andrei

    Sorry for the delayed reply.

    Please tell me, which link have you used to download the free version?

    Thank you.

  • Np. Thanks for answering.

    I tried both with 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Here are the links I used:

    The dialog error message mentioned above is I quote: "The system cannot open the device or file specified."

    When I get this error, if I look on the hard drive there is only an empty folder structure "c:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2011\", no "BitDefender" folder in "Program Files (x86)" (when using 64 bit installer). Don't know how relevant that is.

  • Hi

    Please follow the steps explained in the article below and send me via PM the generated log file:

    If you were already asked to generate the log file, disregard the message above and just post the ticket ID.

    Thank you.

  • edited November 2011

    IGNORE: I have the log file, but the forum does not allow me to attach archives ("Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file").

    I just noticed I must use a file server for this.

  • Hi Andrei

    I have analyzed those logs.

    Yesterday a new free version was launched for Romania, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition.

    I will like to inform you that you can use this new version on your machine.

    In order to install it, please follow the steps from below:

    1. Use our uninstall tool in order to uninstall/delete any previous BitDefender related files:

    Access the link and when the window with the BitDefender file appears, please choose the "Save to disk" option. Save the tool on the PC, run it and restart the computer when prompted.

    2. Install BitDefender using the latest installation kit available for download. Please note that you need to download (save) the installation kit prior to running it.

    Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to reply to this message.

    Have a nice day.

  • edited November 2011

    The new kit does not work either.

    Gives some error about me not having enough permissions.

    I am running an admin account and ran the kit as administrator...

  • Hello

    Please right click on the kit and use the Unblock function.

    How to:

    Thank you.

  • There is no such button there. I looked for it even before your post :).

  • Hi Andrei,

    As you are using 64 bit OS please run 64bit exe file only , please right click on exe file and then click run as administrator .

    If having problem please let us know.

  • Hi andrei,

    can you please login with administrator id instead of Admin id then check ,if so take owner ship of that application .

  • Hi Andrei

    Are you logged as an administrator on that system? Did you run the installation kit with right click and select Run as administrator?

    Thank you.

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