Bdis 2011 Registry Enteries Not Clearing After Uninstall

I mentioned this problem in an earlier post which stated I had to uninstall BDIS 2011 because it was killing my computer.

Well after I uninstalled BDIS 2011 and reinstall BDIS 2010 I was getting a pop ups stating an unknown device needed drivers installed. Well I didn't install any new devices or programs for that matter and was at a loss as to why this was happening. Taking some time and looking into that matter I found 3 (unknown) devices (in yellow with question marks) in device manager; so I searched the names of these 3 devices in google. It came up with links to BDIS. I posted my findings here and asked if I should manually delete these entries but was told not to as it could cause problems with my Bit defender. Then a fellow suggest I uninstall BDIS 2010 and try BDIS 2011 again as there was an update that fixed a lot of problems. Hesitant to do this due to all the issues I had earlier with BDIS 2011 about a month prior I decided what the ###### and uninstalled BDIS 2010 and reinstalled BDIS 2011 well that cleared up the notices I was getting to update the drivers for these unknown devices. Unfortunately reinstalling BDIS 2011 also reintroduced and sluggish poor functioning system.

So for the last month or 2 I have been running BDIS 2011 and recently after dealing with multiple slow applications and BDIS crashing my system all the time decided to uninstall BDIS 2011. Well ###### soon as I uninstalled BDIS 2011 my system was back to running like the machine is suppose to run but the pop ups started again and just like before stated I needed to update the drivers of these unknown devices. Knowing now from my previous experience I ran the BDIS 2010 uninstall tool which after doing so cleared up the issue with in device manager and the pop up stating I needed to update these drivers.

The a screen of those devices


So to properly and fully uninstall BDIS 2011 I had to run the BDIS 2011 uninstall tool then reboot my computer then use CCleaner. After that I ran the BDIS 2010 uninstall tool then reboot and use CCleaner again.

I no longer use Bit Defender and have since installed a different Security Suite which I am very pleased with because I again can use my computer normally with out all the hang ups and crashes I dealt with for the past 3 months with BDIS 2010 / 2011.

Bit Defender your broken, repairs are needed.


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