Anti-theft For Galaxy Note Ii


I am trying to install mobile anti-theft on galaxy Note II but its not giving me option on the google play.

Thank you


  • Hello :)

    Is your phone rooted?

    Thank you!

  • Could you please tell us from what country are you trying to install.

    We have received several complaints that from certain regions of France , Germany the app. is not available for install.

    Thank you.

  • What does rooted mean, I bought it factory unlocked and I am using it in Bermuda.

    Hello :)

    Is your phone rooted?

    Thank you!

  • rooting your phone means giving yourself root, or superuser (think...admin) access, giving you access to system files and the ability to change things that normally are marked read only

    This allows you to change all kinds of things that normally you wouldn't be able to, along with install custom versions of Android.

    Currently you can install 2.1, or a rom with multizoom native throughout the entire os, you can turn your phone into a wireless hotspot....the possibilities are limited only by the hardware itself and not limitations implemented by the carrier or google. Click here