Need Help Attaching Devices To Parental Control


I recently purchased the standalone parental control license.

I have 7 devices which I want to add and track, they are all "Nexus 7 32gb".

The first time I added all of them it wouldn't let me, it thought they were all the same device. I think this is because while installing games on the tablets for my family, I just installed everything on one tablet, then made a back up and restored all of the other tablets with it. I think this made all of the tablets look the same to bitdefender, because their hostnames were all the same. I have changed them all to have unique hostnames now, and uninstalled the bit defender parental control app from each device, and reinstalled and logged in, but I can't see any of the new device names, and all of the old ones are still there. Could an admin or someone remove all of the devices attached to my account?


  • Hello :)

    Welcome to the forums!

    Please send me a PM with the email address that you used to register the My Bitdefender account and you current license key so I can check them in the system.


    Thank you!

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