Bitdefender Mobile Security App Goes Missing In The Google Play Store

It's now 3 days since BitDefender Mobile Security Apps for Android went missing from the Google Play Store.

Every time you do a search for BitDefender Mobile Security....everything Bitdefender appears in the search result EXCEPT BitDefender Mobile Security..

Android users are getting worried of the apps disappearance from the store for more than 3 days now and want's back the Apps for it simplifies the installation process and is convenient.


  • They are still there for me?


  • They are there for me too... ;)

  • They are still there for me?

    Interesting, as in Kenya it has just disappeared. To get it you have to go to the Bitdefender website, Home products, and the choose BMS via Google Play Store.....then you get the BMS Apps...any other way you won't find it ....alternatively if you go to get all the list of the BD apps..

  • Hello to all.

    Could you please give us the countries in which Mobile Security doesn't appear anymore ?

    From our side every country is checked in Google Developer Console. We encountered this issue in the past and Google fixed the problem .

    Also could you please leave a message here stating the types of devices you own ( might help us if we send more info. to Google with this issue ) and second of all in my signature is a direct link to Google Play Store for our security app.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you can log-in to your browser with the email address you have registered on your device and go to :

    Best regards,