Unable To Remove Bitdefender Mobile Security For Android...

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I am currently helping my best friend ;) remove Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android 2.8.286 from her Android phone and there seems to be no way to uninstall it...

At the usual place, where she removes apps on her Android version (unfortunately it's 4.0.4 which I am less familiar with, I am way too use to later versions), Bitdefender cannot be uninstalled, the application can only be stopped, updates removed, etc...

(On my phone that's under Application Manager, on hers, I am not fully sure but we did confirm other apps can be remove from there...)

This feels to me like the unremovable apps that come with my Samsung S4 and I am hoping this is *NOT* the case as it would be a major PITA not to be able to remove an antivirus/anti-malware/etc... from a phone to install another.

The reason we want to remove BitDefender from her phone is simple, she already has another product that comes with a Mobile Security solution and which is not simply a 3 months preview...

Her phone is an Allview P5 Alldro running Android 4.0.4 if that's any help in figuring out what can be done to remove Bitdefender...

Can anybody please help us remove this product?

Thank you!

Guardian Angel

PS: I am remotely helping her, we are not currently in the same country (or even continent) presently...


  • Hi!

    I believe I have found the way to do this (I tried on my own phone), I will know for sure tomorrow (I had to go under "All")..

    Have a nice day!

    Guardian Angel

  • That did NOT work...

    It worked with what's currently available to the google play store, not with the version she has...

    This reaaaalllly feel like somebody was dumb enough to bundle this with her phone (Allview P5 Alldro) and that it is non-removable...

    If this in indeed the case, that's about the dumbest thing I could see one could be forced to go with one particular product, the dumbest...

    Please help!

    Guardian Angel

  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭

    I think now is the time to send in an e-mail contact to Bitdefender and ask for their help.

    Email: http://www.bitdefender.com/support/contact-us.html

  • I think now is the time to send in an e-mail contact to Bitdefender and ask for their help.

    Let's wait a tiny weeny bit longer...

    I will have to ask her if she actually has some sort of serial number (which is required to open a ticket) as this was some sort of trial version which was bundled with her phone...

    Her phone is now behaving in a weird way for some things which makes us believe it might be infected with some virus/malware...

    I am not sure what's the use of having forums if we can't expect an answer from Bitdefender on them, especially for something like this which would benefit from being documented some place accessible (which won't be the case if we open a ticket...)...

    Thank you and have a nice day!

    Guardian Angel

    PS: I have contacted Allview, maybe they will be able to help since these were apparently the ones who bundled Bitdefender with their phone...

  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭

    Ah yes, forgot about the serial number, as far as I know there isn't one - certainly not with my moble or tablet. There is also a chat available with Bitdefender, you may want to try that.

    Chat: http://www.bitdefender.com/support/chat-support.html

  • zeus.bd
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    Hello ,

    Sorry for the lack of activity on this forum section . I will talk with my colleagues to pay more attention to what users post here.

    First of all GuardianAngel you are right.

    Allview has bundled their devices with Mobile Security , so it comes pre-installed on their devices.

    Depending on how the manufacturer - Allview - decided to embed Mobile Security you can have two options :

    - uninstall all updates of Bitdefender and Disable it

    - or simply have a disable option in the program manager.

    Pre-installed apps can't be removed from the device , that's just the way Android works ( not without rooting your phone - practice which I don't condone !!! - it will lead to your warranty being void ! ) , but since ICS , an options to disable preinstalled apps was introduced. This means that you can disable the app and it will be removed from your dashboard as well.