How to activate deleted total security 2016

I purchased Bitdefender Total Security 2016 from South America where I live. So I downloaded it. It was valid for 3 PCs.

Now I am going to totally erase my Operating System drive (C:\) and System Reserved Drive (E:\) and replace the whole disk by another one.

I still have 118 days left on Bitdefender. This was a download, not an installation disk with a key. How can I re-install the program in my new OS drive?

Is there a key somewhere? Impossible to connect to Bitdefender Central in order to look for a key or something. Connection times out. Please send instructions on how to reconnect again in a totally new OS drive.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



  • Sorry for the delay in answering,

    I went through the link you provided but did not find what I was looking for.

    I am going to have a brand new C:\ drive, where the OS is, and it will not have the Bitdefender program on it.

    I don't have a password. In the program I have, the 2 rectangles to write your password are empty.

    The only thing I am over 80% sure is that they have my email address. When I download again, would entering Bitdefender Central with my email be enough? And what about the other 2 computers?

    Thanks for your time Sorin. As a newbie I need to be taken by the hand to show me the way.

  • Hello,


    If you already made a Central account you can use your email to recover the password.

    If you provide your details (order number/email etc) to our team they will be able to assist in locating your account.

    You can use [email protected] to contact them directly

  • edited November 2016

    Thank you very much Sorin

    I'll do as you say. I guess that if, for some reason, I have a problem, I can contact you again

  • Thanks Jack

    Will do.

  • Hello,


    Please ignore the phone number posted by Jack. That is a fake phone number.

    You will find all Bitdefender's numbers in the link below.

    You can also contact our support team via email : [email protected] or chat.

  • I thank you very much for the advice Sorin.

    But why would Jack give me a fake phone number?

    "Fake" is a very different concept than "old and no longer used" or anything of the sort.

  • Hello,


    It would seem he was trying to trick Bitdefender customers into calling that phone number and most likely demand money for a fix.

    Such practices are not tolerated on this forum.

  • I am very sorry to hear that. I had never come across that type of behavior in a forum before. It makes you wary of what anybody may say in a forum. This includes everybody in the forum who has only a few posts. I am a member of the Bleeping Computer forum since April, 2015 and had never heard of this type of behavior. You are supposed to help other people. Not lead them astray. Now, just a bit of propaganda, I write a blog at Nothing to do with computers. Mainly economics and politics. Dull stuff for many of you but someone may be interested. 

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