Problem with restarting

I hope I write in good topic.

I have Windows XP Professional service pack 3 and I installed free trial version of Bitdefender Secutiry 2015.

It worked fine, but after few days when I switch on laptop, I see message about Bitdefender, that some file like 'winsys32(...)' is deleting because of Bitdefender request or something like that (I'm not sure, because it was few seconds).

After that always when I turn on computer I see message 'C:\windows\system32\services.exe terminated Unexpectedly with status code - 0. System will shut down afrer 60 seconds, save your progress' - something like that, and I'm unable to do anything, it's going on again and again. I cannot make screenshot to show it, but I hope you help me.

In safe mode everything is working fine.

Please, help!


  • Hello,


    May be that you had an infection on that machine.

    I would suggest opening a command prompt (CMD) and using SFC /scannow

    Since you are running Windows XP keep your installation CD/DVD handy as it will ask for it in order to replace corrupted files.