Bought Total Defender 2018, activated but cant login


I recently upgraded to Bitdefender total security 2018. As soon as i bought the license, i activated it, and it worked just fine (upgraded the old license without any installation).

But, my old license (2017 Defender plus), was to be renewed and i canceled the automatic renovation, since i had just bought a new one in the same account.

When i did that, the software on my computer (Bitdefender) downgraded instanly to my old license (Bitdefender 2017), and now, the last days from that license has passed and it didnt enter the new license (2018 total).

In resume:

I bought the 2018 Total security, in the website central bitdefender it shows as active, but i cant make it work on my computer.

I already try to unistall the bitdefender from my computer using the software for total removal, but still i cant login and validate the new license. 

It shows a message saying that my redem code was already used in another account, but i'm using the same e-mail as always.

I'm adding the photos, hope this helps somehow. 

I bought it on Brazil.

My registered e-mail: [email protected]

Number of the order: 13651209359

Please, help.

Sorry for my poor english.






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