New activation key and trial version

Hi! I'm currently running a trial version of Bitdefender Total Security 2018. I'm very pleased with BTS 2018, and my trial key is still valid for the next 27 days. I've just purchased a 1-year activation key for BTS 2018.

Question: If I add my new 1-year activation key today, will I lose the 27 days of the trial version or will the 27 days be added to my 1-year subscription key?

Thanks for your help in advance.


  • Well trial version and  purchase version limits are totally different. I think even if you have trial limits of 27 days more or less it won't be added to the limit of you purchase like for 1 year, in other words it will be 366 days no 393 days with the trial limits counts. 

    The trial period won't be added to period of your purchasing license even if you purchase 1 year or more.


  • That's what I thought. Thanks for your reply. BTW, I have already purchased a one-year activation code.:rolleyes:

  • Hi, I have bought the 1 year subscription of BTS 2018 and I have a paid version of BTS using right now and it will be expired in 30 days. Will the expired day be extended if I activate the new subscription right now or it will be replaced by the new subscription instead? Thanks

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    Best that you contact our support team via [email protected]

    Commercial requests have no place on the forum. Thank you for understanding.

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