Application Compatibility Check

I am attempting to install Bitdefender on a Microsoft Surface Pro M.

It is showing an error. "Application Compatibility Check - One of more programs on your PC are not compatible with Bitdefender"

Below it has listed "Trend Micro OfficeScan Client"

I don't recall ever having Trend on this computer. But there was an empty trend folder on the computer.

  • I downloaded the Trend clean up utility and ran this

  • I downloaded the Bitdefender clean up utility and ran this

  • I searched registry for any references to Trend or officescan. => Found none.

  • Rebooted a couple times.

  • Downloaded Bitdefender again and got same error.

How can I get past this error?



  • Hello,


    You most likely have a orphaned entry in WSC. Please follow these steps and let me know if everything is okay afterwards.

    - Open a Command Prompt (CMD) with Administrator privileges

    - Type in the command wbemtest

    - In that window click on Connect

    - In the new interface under Namespace add root\securitycenter2 and then click on Connect

    - In IWbem Services click on Enum Instances there enter antivirusproduct

    - Remove all entries except for {D68DDC3A...} (this one is for Windows Defender)

    - Reboot the machine afterwards and retry the install