BD19 would always start update process


my BD19 would always start update process as soon as I start any kind of system scan or restart my system (Win10).




  • Hello Jens,

    The fact that the update started at a system scan might be a coincidence. After reboot is normal for Bitdefender to automatically update, as the product needs to download its virus signatures.


  • Roxanna thank you for your reply.

    See I've been using BD for a couple of years now. I quite know that update would start every other time. But not right after EVERY Windows boot! BD might check in the background and then see databases are fine. But it wouldn't actually SHOW UP and go through the procedure VISIBLY every time.

    Also, it is NOT coincidence. I tried several times: On right EVERY start of system scan update would start - which hasn't been so before.



  • Complement: I just did a complete BD de-install and re-install - to no avail!

  • Meanwhile I checked the (many) DB19 issues reported in the BD forums. And I quite see that I'm definitely not alone with my probs. Something seems to have gone terribly wrong with BD19! Now the point is: BD support obviously can't give us any hope things are going to be alright again. This is very sad. I paid for my license and have been happy with BD for years. But if things are not going to work out pretty soon I'll have to quit BD and choose one of its competitors.

  • Hello JensMahlmann,

    If the update starts at every system scan, we recommend you to contact us at [email protected] with a Support Tool log to further look into this:

    [how to generate a SUPPORT TOOL log]