Scanning from MFP to Windows 10 systems

Hello forum

perhaps someone can shine a light on an issue with a Sharp(could be anything really) multi function printer with scanning to a network folder.

The product is total security 2020.

problem: scan on a network to a folder on the C drive of a PC (done this 100's of times, so know all of the issues involved with SMB/folder sharing/permissions.

Bitdefender firewall is giving the problem - turn it off, scanning works.

I have put in the exceptions for the scanner (for reference it's a static IP: and it's hard wired.

All the recipients are laptops on Wifi (all of this works fine) and there's a NAS working fine......for a few years now.

Once the exception is done, scanning works for a bit, then stops again - the firewall appears to kick in again, even with the exception active.

Can anyone shine a light on the potential issue - it's just driving me bonkers.

thanks forum




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