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I heard Bitdefender has acquired behavior detection. If true, which product does it come with? I would also like to know about Bitdefender BOX. It says, Total security comes with BOX. Does this mean we have to pay for two Bitdefender products or just one?

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    HI Member,

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    Let's divide your question in 2 cases.

    Case 1: I am not sure if I completely understood your question but I guess below link might provide some useful information 

    Secondly it is related to GravityZone, a complete endpoint prevention.

    Case 2: Bitdefender BOX & Total Security

    The Bitdefender BOX subscription includes Bitdefender Total Security and allows you to install the security software on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS devices, for an unlimited number of devices. Bitdefender Total Security is recommended for devices that may leave the home network and need to stay protected on the go. It also protects your computers that may get infected via USB sticks or other storage devices.

    Bitdefender BOX can protect your devices when at home. But suppose when you leave your home and go on vacation with your friends or family carrying for example you Laptop with yourself, in that case you will require to install Bitdefender Total Security to be installed on your Laptop to protect you from malware. You do not have to pay any extra amount for Bitdefender Total Security, it comes free with Bitdefender BOX

    Source : 

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    Behaviour Blocking is a one type of several methods used by bitdefender in all of its consumer based and enterprise based product. It scans application for suspicious activities in the background. If a application is found to be suspicious, the execution of that application is forbidden.

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    My apologies. What I meant was, is behavior detection part of Bitdefender products like Total Security, Small Office Security, etc. but not part of the other products like Internet Security and Antivirus Plus?

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    Hi Member,

    Behaviour Blocking is part of each & every product of bitdefender.



  • Does that mean that computers with Antivirus for Mac only protect while at home? How protected are mobile devices with the Mobile Security app from Bitdefender?

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  • Hi.

    I have bitdefender Total Security with VPN (Unlimited), for 5 units.

    What is this Box thing? Do I have it in my subscription license? I have a router that I can control from my ISP.

    What does this "box" do, that Bitdefenders Central doesnt? =)

    Thanks for a fantastic product!

    Best regards

    Jonah Hansson

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    PS. Photo is just me showing off the systems Bitdefender protects! ( I build them all myself)

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    I guess you are asking about bitdefender BOX. It is smart home security hardware which shields desktop PCs, laptops, mobiles, tablets and all your connected devices from hackers, malware and more. The bitdefender BOX is essentially a supercharged router which can replace or run alongside your existing ISP router :

    Bitdefender BOX protects all your electronics equipment which can be operated wireless and protect them from hackers. For mobile, PC & laptop, it only protects them from phishing, malicious website blocking and malware downloading.

    NOTE : If you will insert an infected USB into you PC or Laptop, bitdefender BOX will not be able to protect you from that stuffsince it only filters incoming & outgoing connection (more of a hardware based firewall equipment) & that is why bitdefnder BOX comes additionally with 1 year free license to bitdefender total security which you can install on your mobile, PC or laptop.

    Bitdefender BOX only works in home environment but if you are away from your home bitdefender BOX will be of no use and you will be totally dependent on your standalone bitdefender product that should be installed on your device.

    Bitdefender BOX video :

    FAQ's related to bitdefender box :

    Direct support related to bitdefender BOX (includes chat & online forum option) :

    Coming to bitdefender central, it is basically a web page which shows what devices are connected to your particular bitdefender account like standalone bitdefender software or even bitdefender BOX. From central you can give malware scanning commands to devices which are associated & synchronized with it.

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  • I did not understand that answer.

    Do i have this box service in my total protection subscribtion?

    I understand the features and that box is a webpage.

    I do not understand if box is the same protection that my bitdefender already giving my pc and my phone?

    You mention its for homes?

    Do you mean box is only needed if i have any other digital devices in my home orher then my computer and my phone?

    I dont. And i remove both bluetooth and any home app that has any possibilty to gain access to my phone or pc, since bluetooth and home apps are top in what hackers use to gain access.

    Im very happy with the bitdefender application.

    I am, annoyed over the extreme unclear info about bitdefender.

    Please note, If I have to choose between a fantastic support, clear info but a horrible product, I choose bitdefender anyway! 😉

    And today, my bitdefender account said to get the new bitdefender vpn.

    I did, but yet again, its not stated if this upgrade of vpn is ofcourse included in the subscribtion, or if its a new product that current subscribers need to pay for.

    I pretty much take for granted that bitdefender would not ask subscribers of vpn to pay twice, for an upgrade to the vpn.

    Please let me know if i own box and if i can or should not use ut.

    And please let me know why the new vpn pops up as its own product?

    Thanks for a fantastic product.

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