Installing second computer with a single user licence


I installed my laptop PC a few weeks ago and installed Bitdefender using a single use licence for it.

Today I have to install my desktop computer and as my previous licence was a single use one, I have to purchase another single use licence for my desktop PC.

After I install Bitdefender to my second computer (Desktop PC), I keyed in my new activation code which I purchased today. But I found that it was added to my previous subscription and subscription for my Desktop PC says trial version.

How can I install single use subscription I brought today, to my Desktop PC (without adding it to my subscription of the Laptop PC) ?


  • hello @Sapu

    1. visit
    2. login using the bitdefender account
    3. add activation code in my subscription tab (if not done already)
    4. goto my devices and see if only valid devices are listed, if any device you dont want is listed, remove it
    5. Make sure you have opened the website on the computer on which you need bitdefender, click on my devices and click install protection, download the installer, install

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