Will you bring back the widget?

We want the widget back otherwise how would we know at a glance if Bitdefender is running or if it started at startup. To remove the widget is a bad idea I think I may move on to another product, I liked the widget.

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  • I too am appalled at the removal of the Widget.

    I've written to Bitdefender to tell them so and warned them that they could lose my subscription on renewal unless the widget returns before then. I'm also a Box2 user, so they will lose that subscription as well.

    I did study french at school, but why is the petition in French? I won't sign it unless it''s in English. Can it be reset to English and how?

  • Bring back the WIDGET!

  • BurnsyBurnsy
    edited November 2020

    I was an avid Bitdefender user until now. The removal of the widget is of huge disappointment. It gave confidence of system security at a glance and an immediate alert to potential hazards. Rather than being innovative Bitdefender has taken a backward step. I fully support all the comments made by other users in this and previous threads. Please reinstate it.

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