can't type data into bank websites

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Recently I've found that when I go to banking websites using Safepay, I'm not able to type information into boxes that need to be filled in. I've been using Bitdefender Total Security and Safepay for about a year, and I never had this problem until the last month. When I go to the banks' websites without using Bitdefender/Safepay, I don't have any problem typing information into the banks' forms or boxes. But I would prefer to use Safepay when entering sensitive info on banking websites.


  • I found the solution to my problem elsewhere on this forum, thanks to Christine. Apparently this problem has been occurring since the last Bitdefender update. If it's not possible to input data on banking websites, try activating the virtual keyboard and use it to enter two-factor verification codes, answers to security questions, etc.

  • Thanks for that bit of info. Will give that a try.😀