Theft Protection Blocking Webpage

I'm getting this pop up and I don't know why. I never clicked or been on the webpage.


Online Threat Prevention

The webpage has been detected as suspicious. Although the page is not blocked, it is not recommended to continue browsing this page.

Accessed by: thunderbird.exe


  • Hello @Kev7274 ,

    I tried to access it and from Chrome, seems there's a problem with the page, not with Bitdefender.


    Intel Quad 6600 on LGA 775, running perfectly for 10 years a Windows 7 Ultimate

  • Hello @Kev7274,

    If you do not visit the website and you still receive these notifications, then your browser connects to it either through allowed notifications or toolbars/extensions. I suggest that you clear the cache & cookies, remove any unused/unknown extensions and if the issues persist, reset your browser. You can find these steps here:

    Let us know if this helps.