when will my post be approved?


i got a problem and wanted to ask the community for help. i already wrote a post hours ago and it is still not approved. how long will it take that my post is visible?


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    Funny, it is resolved now. I just posted my question again after I started this one thread here.

    When I originally posted my issue some hours ago, it said, it has to be approved first to be visible but it was also put in "Drafts".

    I was also wondering that this thread here was created instantly.


  • Gjoksi
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    I really don't understand.

    You say that you made a post a few hours ago and the post is still not approved, and therefore the post is not visible.

    But, your last post, i mean the post where i write this comment, is actually visible.

    What message/notification did you get for the post that is not approved and not visible?

    Anyway, both admins @Alexandru_BD and @Mike_BD are on a leave and will be back at the office on Monday 26th.

    They have full access to this forum, so you must wait for their response.




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    I changed your badge to level 2 so you will now be able to add images and links if you face any issue related to bitdefender product in future in the community forum.

    I don't know if this will help you somehow, if it doesn't, @Alexandru_BD or @Mike_BD will change your badge/level status again.


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  • Thank you!

  • Hello @Boing738,

    I have deleted the other two threads, as per your request. Now we have this one, which I believe is concluded, as you have successfully posted your inquiry in the below thread:

    I will come back on the other thread with my opinion on this.

    Thank you @Flexx for the heads-up and badge.