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  • just downloaded the latest package, on a clean pc with win11, and bitdefender cannot install. it doesn't even try to download the full software, and instead report that cannot download the packages, and then close. Norton and Eset already support Win11, but not BD... please?
  • the M1 mac with the latest Mac updates (11.3 if not wrong) broke BitDefender... it shows an X and say it's not licensed, and cannot do any update...
  • I had the same problem with the "(Null)" issue. Uninstalled, cleaned from all the left-over files... then when install, it finishes, and when the agent start to download the missing items, it crashes. Basically now I cannot have it installed on my Mac. So disappointed, opened a ticket 2 days ago and no reply from support.…
  • Still no luck on my M1... except the memory and sporadic CPU issues, last week totally stopped working saying that the service cannot start. The uninstall app didn't work and had to manually delete it. Now just redownloaded, and still cannot install.
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