Windows 11 Support

Windows 11 launches on 5th October.... will Bitdefender be supporting this from that date?

Bitdefender install failed: Unsupported operating system. – 1 minute ago


  • I have the same question. I have just tried to install the latest version of bitdefender on the 22000.194 and it seems to install, but it doesnt launch properly, and their are no bitdefender processes running even after a reboot. Seems poor that 7 days from launch they dont have a product for it. Does anyone know a reputable malware product that has had the forsight to release a win11 launch product?
  • Yep same issue here, updated a test laptop to Win 11 and BitDefender isn't working, it goes through the install process then right at the end it fails, tried 3 times to no avail.
  • just downloaded the latest package, on a clean pc with win11, and bitdefender cannot install. it doesn't even try to download the full software, and instead report that cannot download the packages, and then close.

    Norton and Eset already support Win11, but not BD... please?
  • Hi guys,

    We are fully compatible with W11, please have a peek here : and check against your configs first.

    If still problems unsolved, then must be case-by-case and I'll try and help, just come back here and we'll get to the end of it.



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  • @Mike_BD Hi, I am running BD on a preview build of Windows 11 and it seems to be having trouble running, It seems the Main Interface is "Suspended" within the task manager whenever I try to do anything with the Anti Virus. My current build is Insider Preview Build 22478. Is there anything that can be done and if not, I want to inquire as to why Insider Support is scarce