Bitdefender on Big Sur and New MacBook Pro with M1

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Got a new MacBook Pro with the M1 chip and was surprised to find that Bitdefender worked quite well. In fact, even though it's running in emulation under Rosetta 2, it's snappy (more so on my older Intel Macs) and it immediately detected and removed test malware. There was a warning of a blocked extension during install (likely a Big Sur issue) but didn't seem to cause any problems so far. Hope to see an update down the road so it runs natively.



  • Any update on when Bitdefender will be native Silicon/M1?

  • I can confirm that there are problems. The Bitdefender BDLDaemon and BDLUpdate don't release memory on Apple M1 with Big Sur. So the memory usage creeps up during the day. I have BD memory usage of 2GB on an 8GB M1 Air which is unacceptable. I tested this with Bitdefender support and it is related to the M1 architecture. They are already aware of the issue. I checked this with another Apple Mac running intel on Big Sur and memory usage stayed consistent at about 400MB. I was told that they are working on a fix.

  • Hello,

    It was 10 days ago, any news ?

  • How is it that Bitdefender is not ready for this. They've had a minimum of 6 months prior to release to get their software working with Apple Silicon. Are they going to provide partial refunds? ? I paid for a year and now I'm going to lose like 6 months of it because they're not ready??

  • Bitdefender Endpoint for Mac support for Apple M1 FAQ

    What future plans, if any, are there to add this compatibility to Bitdefender Endpoint for Mac?

    We are currently working on adding compatibility with this processor. The first compatible version will contain support for Antimalware, Device Control, Content Control, and Encryption features. Support for other components will be added in a later update during Q2 2021.

    When do you expect to launch this update?

    The first compatible version of Bitdefender Endpoint Security for Mac with Apple M1 will be released at the beginning of March 2021.

  • Still waiting for the M1 native version... Had to uninstall for a while... The amount of RAM used is too large...

  • Is there any update on this? Will there be any refunds or days credited to users paying for non compatible software?

  • Please let me know if Bitdefender will work on my M1 with native support, I see many are complaining about performance issues? Do you have a roadmap or release plan?

  • Still no luck on my M1... except the memory and sporadic CPU issues, last week totally stopped working saying that the service cannot start. The uninstall app didn't work and had to manually delete it. Now just redownloaded, and still cannot install.

  • The same thing happening with me too, the memory hogging and my workflow have been forcing unnecessary SSD swaps in spite of having 16 gigs of memory, I'm really disappointed with the fact that there's been no update

  • . . . hello Bitdefender team?

  • Bitdefender did promise M1 native app by the end of March... still don't see it. I think their end point protection is M1 native but Antivirus for Mac isn't ?

  • What the hell is happening I mean

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    I have an open ticket on this. They simply state that it runs on M1 and when I tell them it runs in Rosetta they seem to not understand what that means. When I ask when will it run natively, they do not answer and refer back to "it already runs."

  • Update- they now understand the issue and admit that the app only runs via Rosetta 2. They have no timeline for an M1 full native version. I have refunded my licenses and will wait for the full M1 version before adding the licenses back.

  • the M1 mac with the latest Mac updates (11.3 if not wrong) broke BitDefender... it shows an X and say it's not licensed, and cannot do any update...

  • [{"insert":"I have a 2020 MacBook Air with the Apple M1 chip and only 8 GB of memory. Bitdefender v8.3.1.5 was working fine until I upgraded MacOS from 11.2 to 11.3. Now the Scan will not start. Bitdefender Customer Service had a problem ticket for me for several days, and finally responded: \n\"In regards to the situation you have encountered with Bitdefender, since you have Big Sur 11.3 which is still in Beta and it is not official released we cannot guarantee the proper functionality of our product. In this case I would recommend you to wait until an official version of Big Sur 11.3 is released or you can revert back to 11.2 which is a stable build.\".\nI have not signed up for the Apple Beta program, and as far as I know my MacOS v11.3.1 is a general release. \nYour thoughts?\n"}]
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    Any timeline for native m1 support?
  • I also am experiencing problems on a brand new Mac mini with Apple M1 chip. I have not looked into memory usage, however in my case the Safe Files function is not working properly any more. Even though applications explicitly have access, they do not start, hang, or do not close properly. Customer support not responding at all.

  • When trying to install from file downloaded from central - I received the prompt to install Rosetta.

    I do not want to install Rosetta cos from your support page ( , Rosetta is not required for setup /installation.

    Anyone has idea on how i can install this without Rosetta2?

    Bitdefender support seems to be ignorant of this.