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The shovel was a groundbreaking tool.


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  • Hi @danikissac If you're looking to protect your small business we have a solution which is very close to our consumer solution: Small Office Security Get complete protection for your small business to prevent data breaches and secure your clients` personal and financial data. Have a look on our presentation page and see…
  • Hi @FlyBot791! We're currently pre-moderating all content on the forum following a spam attack we've suffered in previous weeks. These can seem like very restrictive measures, we know because we're not happy with them either, but for the time being we're holding them as they are to ensure that no further spam attacks…
  • Please read the When? paragraph on this post for more details on why it's coming in Q1 2021.
  • Hi @Flexx That's a very long and very comprehensive list of things you've presented and I'd like to thank you for it. It's giving us a very clear and broad image on how some of our users see things. It helps us get our ears to the ground closer and understand how things are being perceived. Same goes with the widget, for…
  • Hi there, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your troubles, @tired I've forwarded your request to one of our support agents and they should contact you about this issue via email soon. Thank you.
  • Hi everyone! Bit late to the party and I'm sorry about that. But I have made a compilation of some of your replies to this thread along with @Gauthey's link for the petition and I will send it to our product managers to start a discussion over the changes that have been brought by this decision to remove the widget. I know…
  • Thanks for bringing this up to our attention! However, there's an easier way of doing this. This will save everyone time and make this process more streamlined for all. Use the Flag -> Spam button This will direct the comments and discussions to a moderation queue which I check 2-3 times a week and clean up. Cheers!
  • Hey @pabloescobar, i'm afraid we're not the right place to ask such questions as we handle mostly cybersec and tech related topics. Hope you find what you're looking for and that, most importantly (!) you'll enjoy responsibly.