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  • Hi @Thot70, I take it you're using the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet with Bitdefender Mobile Security, is that correct?
  • Hey @pabloescobar, i'm afraid we're not the right place to ask such questions as we handle mostly cybersec and tech related topics. Hope you find what you're looking for and that, most importantly (!) you'll enjoy responsibly.
  • Hi @Ace_of_Spade You shouldn't share an account with someone you don't know and/or trust. The multi-device feature is meant to offer you an overall protection to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, desktop and whichever and however many more devices o…
  • Welcome to the community @TaxiMagicien42 ! It sounds like you're doing very noble work in helping others with disabilities to be able to use all this wonderful technology! Hope you'll have a great time with us here :)
  • Hi @JamesC! Thanks for sharing your idea with us and highlighting the fact that it's not the first time it was talked about. I've forwarded this to one of our product managers to get their thoughts on it. Cheers!
  • I understand where you're coming from and appreciate your desire to help very much. But as I said in my reply, we want to make this process more transparent for everybody. Instead of shooting your shot in the blind, we're giving everyone a chance to…
  • @Flexx that defeats the purpose of this section of the community. 'We want to make this process more transparent and encourage our users to share their thoughts and ideas. Rather than shoot an email to an address and hope that it will get picked up…
  • Glad to see that! (Quote) Spread the cyber secure love!
  • Hi @Flexx ! Welcome to the community. Glad to have you with us! I'm really happy to hear that you've had such a good run with our software. Knowing people like you are safe is what motivates us to keep our guard up all the time 🛡️ And congrats to yo…
  • Hey @GSMKE_1! I'm glad you asked that, because it seems the way we framed it was not clear enough. This is a promotion we are running to our members of the community. This means it's meant for existing customers. What you see on the main site is for…