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Right now, keeping everyone safe is crucial so we are taking it a step further, helping you digitally protect more people around you.

You can share cybersecurity with people you care about, people in your community, the people you connect with online most: parents, grandparents, friends, children. Make sure they're safe every time they use their devices, whether they're tech savvy or not.

Share this 90-day FREE subscription to Bitdefender Total Security 2020, to protect other people from online threats and ransomware

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:    Send this link to people you want to protect

Step 2:    Guide them to access the link and follow the steps to create an account

Step 3:    Encourage them to share - one good deed will trigger another

We are optimistic that we will come through this stronger and better together.

As a Bitdefender user, you can share this extended trial with people you know.

Lastly if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Meanwhile, stay home, connected and protected!



  • I noticed some concern on social media and may be soon I may be asked too. why a bitdefender twitter handle @bitdefender gives 90days trial while on the site its 30 days. How would one best explain the difference ?

  • Andy_BD
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    Hey @GSMKE_1!

    I'm glad you asked that, because it seems the way we framed it was not clear enough.

    This is a promotion we are running to our members of the community. This means it's meant for existing customers.

    What you see on the main site is for prospective users mainly.

    Our aim with this campaign is to help our users secure their friends, family and close ones' digital well being.

    While each and every one of us is trying to do their part in making sure the difficulties we're experiencing with the new coronavirus go a little smoother, we are aware of the increased risks people may be exposed to in their digital lives.

    As such, we wanted to give our users a means to keep themselves and their close ones safe!

  • hola a todos soy nuevo

    he leido acerca de esta nueva prueba de 90 dias, quisiera que con su experiencia me pudiesen ayudar

    deseo acceder a una licencia, pero no se cual seleccionar

    Mi intención es para el hogar, ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre la seguridad total y la seguridad de Internet?

    Asi mismo hace un rato vi un producto que se llama paquete familiar. En una comparación con (seguridad total o seguridad de internet) a cual se parece mas?


  • I do not plan to recommend this product to any of my friends or family!

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